About Us

Beijing Eco-mind Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing complete plant root research equipment solutions for researchers. The company has independently developed a number of root research equipment with international advanced level; Such as LK-1100 portable multi-spectral root analyzer, LK-1200 desktop root analyzer, LK-1250 plant root box imaging system, LK-1600 root culture and analysis system, etc. These instruments have been used in many universities and research institutions in China and have been well received. At the same time, the company also operates the first root data analysis platform based on machine learning algorithms in China, providing efficient data analysis services and technical support for root researchers.
The company has reached strategic cooperation with many top well-known instrument brands in Europe and the United States, such as Austria VSI Company, Finland Gasmet Company, Netherlands Sendot Company, Germany Ecotech Company, the United States Stevens Company, and so on, to jointly serve Chinese customers. At the same time, we also began to independently develop and design a number of scientific research equipment with international patented technology, breaking through a number of technical barriers; Make China's ecological environmental scientific research instruments "introduce, go out", and form a perfect case of creation in China. At present, we are actively looking for more like-minded enterprises to create a better future with us, we warmly welcome customers and enterprises to negotiate cooperation.