• In-situ Plant Root Analyser
  • In-situ Plant Root Analyser

LK-1400 In-situ Plant Root Analyser

  • In-situ Plant Root Analyser

                                                         LK-1400 In-situ Plant Root Analyser 

   Root and mycorrhizal growth and development are key characteristics of plant growth and influence terrestrial ecosystems and biogeochemical cycling processes. Observation of root growth and development is essential for understanding how plants behave in natural ecosystems and for explaining the dynamic processes of water, carbon and nutrient transport in terrestrial ecosystems.

   LK-1400 In-situ Plant Root Analyser adopts the classic micro-root window technology, which can be used to observe and study the growth, death and distribution of roots and mycorrhizae, even root tumours (root conformation). The biggest advantage of this system is that it can continuously monitor the changes of a single fine root from birth to death without interfering with the root growth process, and combined with the professional root analysis software, it is capable of quantifying the relevant indexes of the root system, including the length of the root, the area of the root, the number of root tips, the diameter, the distribution pattern, and the number of live and dead roots.

   The LK-1400 In-Situ Plant Root Analyser consists of a control unit, a high definition imaging module, a high definition cable, a locating scale, a locating handle and a power supply module. The system is capable of acquiring high definition images of the root system and inter-root microorganisms in different seasons, and is robust, lightweight and easy to carry with a "Smucker" locating handle for precise positioning. Equipped with a "Smucker" positioning handle for precise positioning, the system is suitable for horizontal, vertical or inclined installation of microroot tubes. The professional image acquisition software allows for quick setup, image acquisition and ICAP naming. The system adjusts the imaging area according to the diameter of the microtubes, and the software has a non-linear calibration function that eliminates the curved surface effect of the microtubes.


  • 360-degree imaging without dead space;
  • Fast imaging with no need for white balance for efficient image acquisition;
  • Real-time live root imaging for qualitative screening and quantitative research purposes;
  • A precise and robust positioning system: the classic "Smucker" positioning handle for accurate and fast ring positioning;
  • 12V (3A) power supply for use in the field or greenhouse. Comes with built-in rechargeable lithium battery kit;
  • Microtubes for various mounting angles (horizontal, vertical or inclined) with an outer diameter of 6 or 7 cm and up to 5 metres long;
  • Image naming follows the ICAP scheme for compatibility with various root analysis software;

Technical Specifications

  • imaging area: 360 degrees without dead angle imaging, software can automatically crop the image into a standard 20mm x 20mm area.
  • microtube specifications: outer diameter of 70mm, inner diameter of 64mm, wall thickness of 3mm; length of 100cm or 200cm (custom);
  • Microtube material: imported PMMA material, light transmittance 92% (in the visible range <0.05% absorption; @3 mm thickness)
  • Refractive index 1.491; tensile strength 110 MPa (-40°C); 72 MPa (30°C)
  • Image resolution and format: 2 megapixels; jpg format;
  • imaging speed: <1 sec/image; no white balance required for efficient image acquisition;
  • image naming: follow the ICAP naming rules; contains file name - root canal number - location - date - time - atlas number - collector and other information
  • Illumination light source: two rows of 3W spike LED tubes, each row of intensity up to 160-230 lumens, intensity software adjustable;
  • control unit: Tablet PC, in line with the EU and China product certification; Windows 10 operating system ;memory 8GB; software control for operation, experiments and image acquisition programmed (including date and location), ICAP naming scheme;
  • Image output: USB port;
  • Connection cable: USB cable, standard 1.8 metres;
  • power supply module: 12V (3A) power supply and universal charger, with built-in rechargeable lithium battery kit; can be in the field for about 7 hours continuously
  • Positioning scale: aluminium, positioning hole standard distance of 20mm; up to 3 positioning scale can be connected continuously
  • Positioning handle: classic "Smucker" positioning handle, can achieve accurate and fast ring positioning

Basic equipment

Control panel; high-definition imaging module, 1.8 m data cable, positioning ruler, positioning handle, power cord, 10 micro-root tubes made of imported materials; root picture analysis software.

Origin and Manufacturer: China Eco-mind