• LK-1700 Plant Root Secretion Automatic Extraction System
  • LK-1700 Plant Root Secretion Automatic Extraction System
  • LK-1700 Plant Root Secretion Automatic Extraction System
  • LK-1700 Plant Root Secretion Automatic Extraction System

LK-1700 Automatic Extraction System for plant root exudates

  • LK-1700 Plant Root Secretion Automatic Extraction System
  • LK-1700 Plant Root Secretion Automatic Extraction System
LK-1700  Automatic Extraction System for plant root exudates

LK-1700 plant root secretion automatic extraction system adopts the principle of vacuum negative pressure, through the fully automatic peristaltic pump to achieve the size of the negative pressure, time, and the precise control of the volume of the culture solution, the system consists of multi-channel peristaltic pumps, nutrient solution storage bottles, extension tubes, inter-root collection containers, inter-root secretion sampler, lithium battery power supply system, with the integrated operation and control system, you can long-term fully automated extraction of soil and root secretion solution. At the same time, the system can also be equipped with optional sensors for soil temperature and humidity, redox potential and other sensors as needed to monitor the surrounding soil environmental factors for a long period of time, so as to get more comprehensive information about the soil environment. It is widely used in monitoring and research in the fields of agriculture, forestry, ecology and soil.


  • The peristaltic pump is designed with rollers and a one-piece up-pressure structure, resulting in less fluid transmission pulsation and higher precision, allowing for 12 channels of simultaneous transmission;
  • Adoption of elastic compression tube structure prolongs the service life of the hose;
  • Field inter-root secretion extractions can be repeated over time;
  • Based on a fully automated control system, the nutrient solution will be replenished automatically through extension tubes;
  • The whole is made of aluminium alloy material, with good mechanical performance, low running noise and compact and beautiful appearance;
  • Cost-effective and suitable for a large number of setups.


  1. Working principle: vacuum negative pressure (optional atmospheric pressure, negative pressure two modes)
  2. Number of channels: 12 channels (optional number of channels), each channel works independently;
  3. Peristaltic pump: the use of 10 rollers and one-piece upward pressure structure design, making the fluid transmission pulsation is smaller, more accurate, better consistency between channels;
  4. Syringe pump negative vacuum rate: ≤ 0.5ATM, limit ≤ 0.25ATM.
  5. Extraction rate: definable setting (0.1-5ml\S).
  6. Pump head material: aluminium alloy;
  7. Pressure tube structure: elastic adaptive
  8. Root culture bottle: 100ml (specifications optional)
  9. Test tube collection device: 20ml glass anaerobic tube (optional), with butyl plug and low temperature control box
  10. Nutrient solution storage bottle volume: 2L;
  11. Secretion sampler: 10cm long, pore size 0.2μm;
  12. Soil temperature, humidity and salt sensor:
  13. Actual dielectric constant: accuracy: < ± 0.5% or ± 0.2; measurement range: 1~80; resolution: 0.001
  14. Soil water content: accuracy: typical ± 0.01, maximum ± ≤ 0.03; measurement range: 0% ~ 100% (saturated); resolution: 0.001
  15. Soil conductivity: accuracy: ± 2.0% or 0.02 S/m; measuring range: 0~1.5 S/m; resolution: 0.001
  16. Soil temperature: accuracy: ± 0.2°C; measuring range: -40~80°C; resolution: 0.1°C
  17. Power supply: built-in lithium battery, with solar power supply system, to ensure that the use of time ≥ 12h
  18. Operation mode: you can manually control the start of extraction, you can also adjust the amount of nutrient solution to add liquid, a key to automatically add liquid. The extraction time can be customised. Can adjust the amount of secretion collection, one key to collect secretion solution. Can control the temperature of the secretion test tube collection device.
  19. Control system: LCD display, Chinese interface, can be synchronised with the system time, set the collection task, view the task implementation, real-time collection and preservation of soil temperature, humidity and salt, the data can be saved as a text format, storage capacity ≥ 300, with nutrient solution is not enough to replenish the prompts at the same time.
  20. Working environment: temperature 0-40 ° C, humidity <80%
  21. Working voltage: 220V or DC 12-24V.

Main configurations

Peristaltic pump, vacuum syringe pump, glass anaerobic tubing, extension tubing, nutrient solution storage bottles, cryo-control box, soil temperature, moisture and salt sensors, inter-root secretion sampler, power supply system.