• LK-1900 Root scanner System
  • LK-1900 Root scanner System

LK-1900 Root scanner System

  • LK-1900 Root scanner System

LK-1900 Root scanner System obtains high-definition picture information of the root system by digging and scanning the root system of plants. It can scan multiple culture boxes at one time, assisted by professional analysis software to obtain important parameters of the root system of plants, providing researchers with research information on the root system ecology, resistance, stress and other underground root growth.


l  Clarity. 6400 dpi high resolution image output.

l  Exquisite. Dual-lens system to capture more details.

l  Efficient. ReadyScan LED light source without preheating to sweep on.

l  Professional. Color management mode to meet user needs.


1. scanning type: flatbed color root scanner.

2. the whole machine is waterproof splash and dustproof.

3. maximum scanning area: 8″×10 (203×254mm).

4. light-sensitive element: CCD.

5. optical resolution: 6400 DPI.

6. scanning mode: root system fixed mobile scanning head.

7. scanning object: digging out the washed root system.

8. size: 308 * 503 * 152.5mm.

9. Scanning light source: LED

10. Color bits: 48 bits

11. Power supply type: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz

12. Working temperature: 5-35

13. Working humidity: 10-80% (no condensation)

14. warranty time: 1 year.

15. root plate: 180*230*20mm.

16. Output parameters: number of root tips, total root length, diameter, volume, surface area, projected area, branching point, average direction, etc.

Full root mode

Broken Root Mode

Basic Configuration

1 set of scanner; 1 power cable; 1 data cable; 1 set of root tray; 1 set of professional root analysis software; 1 set of electronic version of the materials; 1 instrument case, 1 high-performance desktop computer.

Origin and Manufacturer: China Eco-mind