• LK-2102 Portable CO2/H2O gas flu
  • LK-2102 Portable CO2/H2O gas flu
  • LK-2102 Portable CO2/H2O gas flu
  • LK-2102 Portable CO2/H2O gas flu

LK-2102 Portable CO2/H2O gas flux measurement system

  • LK-2102 Portable CO2/H2O gas flu
  • LK-2102 Portable CO2/H2O gas flu

        With the extensive development of global change research, the measurement of gas flux has attracted more and more attention. The measurement of gas flux usually includes the measurement of gas flux at the interface between plant leaves and atmosphere, the measurement of gas flux at the interface between soil surface and atmosphere, and the measurement of gas flux at the interface between ecosystem and atmosphere.

The main control module, gas analysis module and front-end sampling module of the portable gas flux measurement system.The main control module can integrate the analysis module, air pressure, temperature and humidity, GPS and other data, control the system operation status, and calculate the gas flux or respiratory rate according to customer requirements.

The gas analysis module is equipped with NDIR analysis module as standard, and different types of analysis modules can be replaced according to customer requirements. According to different measurement objects, different front-end sampling modules can be selected, such as soil respiration chamber, photosynthetic respiration chamber and floating respiration chamber for water surface measurement. According to the different front-end sampling modules, the calculation parameters can be freely set, and the control system can automatically calculate the flux (respiratory rate) in real time according to the parameter settings.

Technical principles

  • The system adopts non dispersive infrared technology (NDIR)
  • The instrument integrates a temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the air chamber in real time and has the temperature compensation function.
  • Dynamic closed air chamber method
  • It can be portable and fixed for use with wide applicability. It can be connected with systems such as soil respiration, community photosynthesis, atmosphere and soil profile, and can also be used for high-precision CO2 and H2O measurement in greenhouse, open top climate box and other environments
  • No calibration is required, and regular calibration of standard gas is not required.


  •  High compatibility, can interface with different types of gas analyzers and sampling front-end
  • Low power consumption, lithium battery power supply up to 8 hours
  • High scalability, and multiple sensors can be added (such as GPS, optical radiation sensor, etc.)
  • Strong operability, powerful data processing function, and online real-time data processing
  • High degree of customization


  • Measurement range: CO2: 0-2000ppm, H2O: 0~6% Air temperature: - 40~80 ℃
  • Detection accuracy: CO2: ± 1.5% (with data calibration), H2O: better than ± 1.5% reading
  • Sample flow: 1L/min adjustable
  • Size of breathing room: 220 mm (D) × 120 mm (H) breathing room weight<4.3 kg
  • Positioning module Beidou GPS dual mode, 2.0m CEP 2D RMS SBAS auxiliary (outdoor), speed accuracy 0.1m/s 95% (SA off)
  • Self developed system control software to collect CO2 and H2O concentration data in real time, manually adjust flux calculation parameters, and automatically calculate real-time flux.
  • The flux can be calculated using linear regression or exponential regression algorithm, which can be set independently in the system.
  • The flux unit can be set as mg/m ²·h or μ mol/m ²·s. It can be set independently in the system.
  • Optical radiation sensor, soil temperature and humidity sensor, 4G transmission module, wind speed and direction sensor can be selected according to actual needs.
  • The control panel is a three proof panel, which meets the EU CE certification and has a waterproof grade of IP67.

System operation parameters

Weight of the whole system 8kg, with built-in vacuum pump

Built in battery; Up to 8 hours of continuous measurement, supporting solar panel power supply

Power consumption during stable operation of equipment: 20w

Data output: WIFI network

Operating temperature: - 20~45 ℃ Humidity:<99% R.H, non condensing

System configuration

Including host, built-in CO2, H2O analysis module and vacuum pump unit 1 set

1 handheld tablet

1 set of drying tube and desiccant

Portable breathing room 1 bottle

1 set of portable lithium battery and charging power supply

Origin and ManufacturerChina Eco-mind