• LK-350 plant root box

LK-350 plant root box is a feasible means to separate inter-root soil from non-root soil and to study soil pore water, root interaction,etc. Plants are planted in a transparent root box on one side and the root box is placed at an inclined angle on a fixed-angle stand. Plant roots are mainly distributed on the transparent root box panel dueto their weight, and combined with the LK-1250 plant root box imaging system, root growth and development can be continuously tracked and measured throughout the growth cycle of plants, and combined with professional image analysis software, root length, diameter, area At the same time, inter-root soil pore water sampler and inter-root soil irrigator can be used to extract inter-root soil solution at the back of the rootbox, and then study the interaction between plant roots and soil. Different sizes of rootbox experimental systems can be designed for users according to their research purposes. Customized items include the size of the rootbox,the color and material of the front, back, side and bottom plates of the rootbox, the location and number of sampling holes, the tilt angle of the rootbox holder,etc.


l  The material (transparent or opaque) and specifications of the root box can be customized

     according to the user's needs.

l  the front and rear panels of the root box can be removed for easy soil filling and planting

l  the middle of the root box can be fitted with a divider, making one root box into two and saving


l  The root box is designed with flat surface, which is convenient for image scanning later

l  Equipped with a fixed frame for placing the root box, with adjustable tilt angle.

Origin and ManufacturerChina Eco-mind