• LK-70 Minirhizotron

LK-70  Microroot Tube can be used for in situ observation and study of the growth, death and distribution (root system configuration) patterns of roots, mycorrhizae and root nodules of plants. Due to the unique molding process and PMMA (poly-methyl methacrylate) primary material, the LK-70 micro root tube has a higher transparency and is more resistant to friction than the micro root tube using the traditional process and recycled material, providing a clearer view of the observation equipment; the tube cross section is closer to the theoretical circle, facilitating the vertical movement of the observation equipment and reducing imaging distortion. prevent circumferential rotation during use, reducing the damage to the tube wall from sliding friction. Different colors, lengths and internal and external diameters of the microtubes can be customized according to different needs of users.


l  High transparency, friction resistance and clearer observation field.

l  Triangular cone at the bottom of the tube, which prevents circumferential rotation and reduces friction on the tube wall.

l  Different colors and sizes of micro root tubes can be customized.


1. Material: imported PMMA material.

2. Length: 100 or 200cm (customizable).

3. Inner diameter: 64mm (customizable).

4.Outside diameter: 70mm (customizable).

5. Color: transparent (customizable).

6. Material density: 1.91 g cm-3.

7. Tensile strength: 110 MPa (-40°C), 72 MPa (30°C).

8. Elongation at break: 4.5%.

9. refractive index: 1.491.

10. Light transmittance: about 92% (<0.05% absorption in the visible light range).

Origin and ManufacturerChina Eco-mind