• PS-100 3D multispectral plant phenotype scanner
  • PS-100 3D multispectral plant phenotype scanner

PS-100 3D multispectral plant phenotype scanner

  • PS-100 3D multispectral plant phenotype scanner
                               PS-100 3D multispectral plant phenotype scanner

PS-100 is a 3D laser multispectral plant phenotype scanner with complete independent intellectual property rights, which is used for the measurement and calculation of plant phenotypic parameters and spectral parameters. Through the self-developed software algorithm, the multi-spectral information is fused into the 3D structure at the same time of 3D structure measurement, which avoids the problem of field-of-view difference caused by different sensors and improves the measurement speed. Adopting high pixel camera, compared with conventional industrial 3D laser sensors, it greatly improves the resolution and is more accurate for morphological assessment.

Through the built-in multi-spectral algorithm, it can calculate dozens of spectral parameters for you in real time, which can help growth assessment, health assessment, and the impact of various stresses on plants. It also provides raw data and development ports to help you with secondary development.

It can measure plant height, top width, bottom width, maximum width of leaf layer, position of maximum width of leaf layer in height, minimum envelope volume, convex envelope volume, projected area, projected convex envelope, LAI, digital leaf inclination, digital leaf area, etc. Meanwhile, it can also measure spectral parameters DVI, EVI, GNDVI, PPR, SIPI, TVI, MTVI2, OSAVI, NDVI, RVI1 RVI2, PPR/NDVI, SIPI/RVI1, MNVI, SAVI, MSAVI2, MSR, NLI, RDVI, Greenness.


  • Rainproof and dustproof design, can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Complete system solutions, in addition to providing standardised products, can also be customised according to your site to meet your high-throughput experimental needs.
  • Ultra-high resolution, far beyond the conventional general-purpose 3D laser scanner resolution, to help you get more accurate data.
  • Complete system design, compared with other outsourcing sensor integration solutions, the system is more robust and stable. And the technology is not restricted by others, and there is no security risk of data leakage.
  • By default, we provide four spectral bands: red, green, blue, and near-infrared for data acquisition, and we can also customise other bands if you have special applications.
  • Remote access to data.


  • Working wavelength: 460, 525, 624, 850, 958nm
  • Number of spectral bands: 4(RGB+NIR)
  • Weight: <20kg
  • Size: 450x220x120mm
  • Working voltage: 24V
  • Power consumption: 50W
  • Input and output interface: Ethernet x2, Power In
  • Working environment: -15-50℃, 0-95%RH (non-condensing)
  • IP rating: IP54
  • Laser Class: Class 1
  • Scanning frequency: 15-30fps
  • Scanning speed: 1cm/s - 10cm/s
  • Temperature control: Yes
  • Resolution: Scanning direction resolution: 0.45mm@1cm/s, 1mm@3cm/s

Vertical Direction Resolution: 0.8mm@40cm, 8mm@2000cm (non-linear)

Horizontal direction resolution: <1mm@40cm, 1.5mm@2000cm (non-linear)


Three-dimensional structural and spectral data of wheat populations at three different moments in time.